Why is WordPress Still a Popular Choice for Businesses in 2022?

We are in the advanced age of technology where we rely mostly on the web and social media, whether we are looking to buy something, booking a cab or ordering food from the restaurant. That makes it imperative for businesses to have a presence on the web. If a business doesn’t have a website, it perhaps doesn’t exist.

It doesn’t matter what business you are in or planning to start, a website is the primary representation of your business on the web. You will be using it to reach millions of prospective customers, so you must ensure that it is great in all aspects. But, now the question arises is how can you build a website that is fast, engaging and responsive? Well, the answer is simple – WordPress.

WordPress is originally a Content Management System (CMS) that enables you to write and publish content online. Although there are many CMS available in the market, WordPress is highly popular for its diversified features.

WordPress allows businesses to develop:

  • E-commerce stores
  • Blogs
  • Portfolio sites
  • Marketing websites
  • Customer support portals
  • Media hosting sites

Over the years, WordPress has evolved into something bigger, offering robust solutions that perfectly match the complex requirements of big enterprises. Today, WordPress empowers more than 500 gigantic companies, including Sony, Best Buy, The Walt Disney and Xerox. These big names are using WordPress as proof that WordPress can be an ideal choice for large organisations and multinational companies.

That being said, let’s dig deeper and learn about what makes WordPress so good for businesses, even in 2022.

#1 WordPress is Free and Open Source

First and foremost, WordPress is free to download and install on the server without paying even a single penny. The fact that it is a free platform is one of the primary reasons why it is so popular among businesses. It effectively eliminates the cost constraint for creating a professional website. The important thing to note here is the software itself is free. However, you may need to pay an additional cost for buying domain name, web hosting, premium themes and plugins. For small businesses with a limited budget, WordPress development services in Brisbane are the go-to way to create high-quality websites and save money for other critical business needs.

Moreover, WordPress is an open-source CMS. That means businesses are free to change the code they like, which offers them total control over their website. Organisations can modify, customise or extend it to match their growing business needs.

#2 WordPress is Scalable

Another great reason to choose custom WordPress development is it has the ability to scale up as your business expands. WordPress is completely capable of running your site seamlessly even if your website receives huge traffic. With the right infrastructure and resources, WordPress can allow you to receive hundreds of millions of page views every month and can serve tens and thousands of logged-in users at a time. WordPress can immediately process requests and deliver lightning-fast results to its users. As a business owner, if your website is professionally built by specialist developers, you can rely on WordPress to handle a high amount of traffic smoothly. The scalability of a WordPress website is just limitless if implemented correctly.

#3 WordPress is Secure

WordPress is one of the most secure CMS platforms right now as it has deployed top-notch security features. WordPress core is maintained by a world-class security team that identifies vulnerabilities and releases security patches to enhance its security. As long as you keep WordPress updated to the latest version, your site is safe. Although core WordPress is secure, third-party plugins and themes remain at a risk of being attacked. That is because not all plugins are guaranteed to be safe in the first place. Some best practices include using legitimate plugins, responsible log-in procedures and monitoring your site regularly. Thus, WordPress is safe as long as enterprises take website security seriously.

#4 WordPress is SEO-Friendly

Whether small or big, every business should include SEO as a crucial part of their marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd. WordPress is SEO-friendly right out of the box. That is because WordPress has pretty consistent, clean and streamlined code, which makes it easier for search engine crawlers to crawl and index the site. Furthermore, WordPress offers a wide range of plug-ins that enables you to easily manage metadata, create simplified permalinks, optimise media and much more. Yoast, Schema and All-in-One SEO are some popular SEO plugins that will most certainly boost your SEO performance and get your site noticed by more prospects.

#5 WordPress has Plenty of Free Themes and Plug-ins

The themes and plug-ins are one of the biggest strengths of WordPress. The platform offers thousands of free as well as paid themes that allow you to enhance the look and feel of your website. Whether you are looking to build a portfolio site, an e-commerce store, a marketing site or a blog, you can customise your site design according to your business industry.

WordPress also offers a plethora of plug-ins that allow you to extend the functionality of your site. Using free or premium plug-ins, businesses can add required features, and customise the site that satisfies customer demands. From simple page builders and contact forms to transformative plug-ins such as e-commerce, cart functionality and payment gateway, there is a plug-in for nearly everything in WordPress. You may need to hire a WordPress developer to install the plug-in efficiently.

WordPress is Here to Stay

Since WordPress is an open-source platform, it is not regulated by one person or a company. It is run by the WordPress foundation and a huge community of WordPress developers and designers who ensure that the platform continues to flourish for long. If you are not sure how to get started with WordPress, take the first step by partnering with a reputable WordPress development company, like Inventive Media. We have a dedicated team of WordPress developers on board who can help you go through all the aspects of WordPress site development, so you can truly experience its benefits for your business.

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