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PHP is principally concentrated on scripting of server-side, so you can do all the things that other CGI can perform, like collecting form data, generating active and vital page content, or sending and receiving cookies.The 3 main areas where PHP scripts are used are:

  • Server Side Scripting

Server Side Scripting is the most conventional and main destination field for PHP. The 3 things that you require for this to work are- a web server, a PHP parser and a web browser.

  • Command Line Scripting

You can make a PHP script to run the command line scripting without any browser or server. All that is required is a PHP parser. This kind of usage is perfect for scripts routinely accomplished using cron or Task Scheduler.

  • Writing desktop applications

PHP is apparently not the perfect language for creating a desktop application with a graphical interface. But in case you know PHP quite well, and like to use some progressive features of PHP in your client-side applications, you can go for PHP-GTK for writing such programs.

The Efficiency of PHP Development

You can use PHP on all the main operating systems which include Linux, MS Windows, many Unix variants (which includes Solaris, OpenBSD and HP-UX), RISC OS, Mac OS X, and doubtlessly others. Most of the web servers and supported by PHP in today’s date like IIS, Apache, etc. And this incorporates any web server which can make use of the FastCGI PHP Binary such as nginx and lighttpd. PHP works as either a CGI processor or a module.

Thus, with PHP, you have the independence to choose a web server and an operating system. Moreover, you also get the option of using OOP i.e. Object Oriented Programming or Procedural programming.

What we offer

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