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HTML5 is the final and fifth revision of the HTML standard of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). As of today, it is the most powerful tool brimming with features to develop sophisticated mobile and web applications. While HTML5 gives a programmer complete flexibility in cases of user interface (UI), using scripts and development, it also makes deployment much easier as it allows us to use open-source JavaScript tools to launch the app.

Why is it important?

HTML5 has been designed keeping in mind the various screen sizes and resolutions of smartphones available to users. All HTML5 apps can work on a tiny screen, which means apps developed using HTML5 are device agnostic and can be easily opened with any mobile browser. Like this, users don’t have to pinch and spread anymore.

Unlike native apps, there’s a lot of time saved with HTML5. Initially, if there was a bug or if there were additional features that had to be added to the application, the entire process would require rounds of testing. With HTML5’s ‘write-once-run-anywhere’ methodology, a bug can be fixed and features can be added. Once this is done, users need to just update the app as opposed to downloading it all over again.

HTML5 has been sparking a Web programming shift in paradigm by fixing the Internet. By adding the HTML5 language to your code, it does not only make the app fancier but also ensures that it’s running faster.

HTML5 apps are easy to develop, reach a wide range of devices and are easier to support.

What we offer

Our frontline team of developers is here to lead you through a project that’s successfully completed. Their skills in programming languages HTML5, CSS and JavaScript guide them into using the latest scripts to develop and drive the most advanced web features for mobile.

First things first, the planning team will be responsible for chalk out the path the app needs to take. This is the team that will question the functions of the app, how it needs to be leveraged. It’s the team that will create the problem statements for the development team by asking all sorts of questions.

Once the plan takes shape, our UI and UX experts will draw up different pages, sections that need to feature on the mobile app. They will also invent different user personas and build user stories. They will design all the possible interactions a user can have with the app.

Post these journeys, out team will present you with a wireframe – skeleton of the app. While this will make it easier for our designer to understand, it will also give you an understanding of the structure of the app. And if we get a nod from you, our designer will start using their creativity to put out the best design. If not, we will rework the wireframe.

The most important stage is developing this application that has now experienced each step mentioned above. While our backend development team will look after the core functionalities of the app, the frontend developers will ensure that the look and feel matches up to the design that was initially proposed and approved.

We’ve brought the best talent together so we can build the best for you. We can also scale up our team based on the project size.

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