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BlackBerry has already launched thousands of apps in the market and has won the support of both medium and business class people. The most appreciated advantage of any application is that it makes work as well as life a lot easier with its spontaneous and responsive nature. Keeping this in mind, it gets extremely important for a brand to offer its users the best; and we are here to offer the finest, innovative and user-friendly apps for every platform – BlackBerry being one of them.

What makes BlackBerry development so important?

BlackBerry allows its users to synch data from their phones with a computer system very easily. BlackBerry is flexible – The BlackBerry software development kit gives progarmmers more freedom. It is able to unite with other apps and platforms. It also lets you create new applications by simply resources and sample applications from the Internet.

What we offer?

Ultimately, we want you to take the best seat in the AppWorld. Here’s how: Before developing the app, we will create a simple design that will let users navigate smoothly through the app. A good design always paves the way for everything that follows i.e. development of the application. We will design the UI to accommodate different resolutions and screen sizes among BlackBerry devices. Users like it when their applications are spontaneous and satisfying to use. So, when designing and developing a BlackBerry application, we consider additional attributes that will benefit most of our users. This process includes brainstorming for ideas that will help us create a compelling and personal experience for your users and then marrying it with utmost efficiency. In order to develop a BlackBerry app, we use the standard MIDP AIPs and the BlackBerry UI APIs to create a BlackBerry Java Application UI. It’s extremely important to create a User Interface (UI) that’s consistent with standard BlackBerry UIs. Also, these APIs provide layouts and behaviours that are consistent with BlackBerry Device Software applications. With this, we create apps with components a BlackBerry user is already familiar with, which is a win-win situation for both – you as well as the app users. BlackBerry users rely heavily on their phone to stay up-to-date with all information. By creating an app that’s easily accessible, we’re not only going to shine in the AppWorld, but will help users achieve their goals quickly and easily. If you already have an application that you now want to make available to BlackBerry users, we will start by adjusting the layout to accommodate touch interactions, background images and icons. We can also decide if the application needs to be in landscape mode or portrait mode or both.

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